Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just right

Starting this new blog may be my thousandth attempt at keeping up with one, but it's my new years resolution to stick with this and start anew (it's the perfectionist in me). It's always fun to see what someone else has in store for the new year, right? So here are my other new years resolutions:

-take better care of my things (shoes, clothes, purses, etc.)
-keep my car clean
-put $200 in my savings each month
-drink more water
-avoid more junk food
-exercise with boyfriend more
-stop comparing myself to others
-keep up with (and utilize) my yearly planner
-get at least two more tattoos in 2012
-attempt (and hopefully finish) my pinterest DIY's

I wanted to keep my goals simple this year. Nothing too lofty or insane, but something that I KNOW would be doable. At least by my terms. Her's to the new, everybody!

And self.