Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Few Things

He would want us to keep smiling.

Here are some things that let the sunshine in for me today.

1. My friends. Thank God for people like you in my life and thank God that we're in each other's lives. That we care about each other and will be there for the joy and the sorrow. I want to know what's in your heart just as I would hope that you would want to know what's in mine. You are beautiful people with amazings souls and I love you dearly.

2. This cold night in early March in which I can enjoy hot beverages in again. I can't convey enough how much I am dreading the on-coming summer and it's unbarable heat on my Scandinavian skin. More scarves and jackets! Bring on the frozen dew on the grass in the mornings and foggy streets at night.

3. Switching around my closet. Dustin and I have compromised so that I can have his old side and he can have mine. He had more room to hang things which, as a girl I needed (dresses), and I was sick of our ferret climbing onto my shelves and knocking my things down. Besides, the mini kitchen in our closet is for his use only anyway and it was on my old side which limited my space even more. Now I have a fresh new start on the other side!

4. Working hard. With my usual working hours, it seems strange to admit that I don't like having as much time off as I do. I enjoy working and I enjoy saving what I earn. With the few hours that I work, my money goes mostly to gas and bills and nothing fun besides the occasional stop at In N' Out. But this week has been gloriously full and busy. I worked additional hours for one of my kid's mom's going to a dinner party for work and working more hours for another mom whose husband will be out of town tomorrow. Yay for feeling productive!

5. My hair. Oooo, baby, it's getting there. I'm almost at the length I was at when I first moved to Seattle three years ago. I'm just a couple of inches short of my goal and then growing it out will be simply for enjoying purposes only, rather than meeting a desired length. Bonus on the hair-growing front, my bangs have grown almost the entire lenth of my face meaning no more bangs for me for a while! I haven't had a bang-less hairstyle since my freshman year of highschool. Feelin' so fly.

6. Fat cats that sit like lazy men on couches. I'm looking at one right now, both online and in person.

7. A hot shower after a hard day. I swear I could use all of Southern California's water reserves just for my showers. When I get in, I never, ever want to leave. It's the best place in the world besides your bed or grandma's house.

To my friends that read this, let the sunshine in. He would like that.

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