Saturday, March 31, 2012

A-Z of Me

Age: 23
Bed size: Queen
Chore that you hate: Dishes! Nothing grosses me out more than scrubbing and scraping old, wet food off a plate into a germ-infested sink.
Dogs: I have two! Bart, my mom's Staffordshire Terrier and Haven, my Border Collie. She is the most loving creature and Bart is a jerk.
Essential start to your day: Deciding what to do with it! Am I going to clean my room or make it messy by making stuff?
Favorite color: I never have just one. It's always a combination of colors. Lately I'm really into woody browns, gold and black.
Gold or silver?: Gold! But if I'm being super picky - rosegold.
Height: 5'7"-5'8"
Instruments you play: Oh, honey, not a thing. But I've always wanted to learn to play the violin.
Job title: Nanny
Kids: I cannot wait to be a mom someday. Boy or girl, I'll love whatever God gives me.
Live: In southern California, but I want to move back north. I'd love to go to Maine.
Mother's name: Colette
Nicknames: Lulu, Luce, Lu
Overnight hospital stays: Thankfully, never.
Pet peeves: Bad drivers and people who overuse one phrase too much (ie: "at the end of the day," "are you kidding me, right now?")
Quote from a movie: "As Ray watches Mirabelle walk away, he feels a loss. 'How is it possible?' he thinks, 'For a man to miss a woman whom he kept at a distance so that when she was gone, he would not miss her?' And how he cannot justify his actions except, well, it was life." -Shop Girl
Right or left handed: Right
Siblings: One full-blood, younger sister, four half-sisters, three step-sisters, two half-brothers. Fun for me!
Time you wake up: My body wakes me up lately around 7:30, but some days I have to be up by 5:45 :/
Underwear: I love matching sets!
Vegetable you hate: Asperagus. You can never do anything to make me like those foul things.
What makes you run late: Other people being late. I'm very punctual.
X-rays you've had: Of my chest when I swalloed a quarter when I was younger.
Yummy food that you make: Baked zucchini with parmesean. Amazinnnnngggg.
Zoo animal: Don't get me started on exotic animals, because I'll never stop. Tigers, lions, birds, monkeys, ahhhh!

So those are my p's and q's. What are yours? :D

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