Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring!

What a first day it's been. I've been kicking myself a lot lately for not blogging more, especially when it's on my mind so much. I've encountered some great subjects for posts too! It's just too bad that it's so difficult to drag my lazy butt to the computer and hash it all out.

But, first thing's first. While perfmorming my nanny duties this morning (the back-breaking hour of 5:30am), I saw what is soon to be my favorite new show. Must Love Cats. Have you seen this madness?? It's title grabbed me at first, of course, but I've seen it there before while scrolling throught the tv guide, never wanting to admit to myself that I'd love to watch it. This time I decided to read the info on it and when it said that this particular episode was taking place in Japan - sold. Japan is almost notorious for it's love of cats, so I had to indulge. I'm so happy I did. This show is featured on Animal Planet, which I sadly do not get at my house, so make no mistake that it will be pulled up on every window of my computer trying to find other episodes to rot my brain with and over-load the cuddle section of my mind.

I loved that they featured a Japanese home that featured a catwalk which I've been dreaming of having in my own home some day. But what I loved even more was the featuring of Tama, the feline station master at Kishi Station in Kinokawa, Wakayama, Japan. Now, I heard through the grape vine a few years back that Japan appointed Hello Kitty as Japan's American Ambassador - silly, right? I knew Japan loved cats, but this is truly awesome. This is an actual cat.

img source: Toru Yamanaka

And she's a good little station master, yes she is.

Keeping the good Spring times rolling, I got a great amount of yard work done today in the sun. It was the perfect kind of day for it. I plan on putting a ton of flowers in my side yard once I get it all nice and tilled up. It really made me feel like I got something accomplished today. Hopefully, that's a sign of things to come :)

Happy first day of Spring, everybody!

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